31 Beauty Custom hand sewn, Custom colored, & Custom Cut Lacefrontal unit Creation!

Our Why

There are so many things in media and in life telling us as women, what we are not. So many women are left lost not knowing who and what we were truly made to be. I’m here just to serve as a reminder  and to be of some encouragement to women, how fearfully and wonderfully YOU were made by your Heavenly Creator. Through inspired words, as well as the products I provide, that are carefully made with love and honor, to add to the exceptional beauty that you are. You are the enhancement to what I offer. Overall, we do what we do to make your heart smile. We want remind you that Jesus loves you so much beyond any knowledge we have, and I love you in Spirit and in truth. This company serves in anyway we possibly can. We have a heart for people and we desire to give to those in need in anyway we can.

Our Testimony

From the time I could remember as a toddler hair and beautifying have always been my love. I started out doing family members natural hair, then transitioned to doing extensions. When I graduated high school I decided to get certified on paper and became a licensed cosmetologist. I self-taught through inspiration from God how to make wigs for myself soon after through my knowledge from doing extensions. Then flash forward some years I got married had two more babies and needed to be home with my children, but still wanted to be in my passion for beauty and encouragement of fellow women and the Lord told me to start 31 Beauty Creations, LLC. creating custom units among other ventures soon to come. Stay tuned 😉 <3